Collect Points and get a Reward

How it works

When you buy on you will receive our fidelity points, collecting one points each euro you buy.

For example, if you buy 100 euro you will receive 100 points.

You have the opportunity to collect our points also with additional activities::

Invite your friend to buy on through the checking panel you find in your account section: when the friend buy, both you and you friend will receive 100 points!

When you write a comment on our product, after Hita Hat team confirmation, you will receive 100 points.

Subscribe to Hita Hat newsletter and you will obtain 50 extra points!!

Where can I check the collected points?

You can see the total points you collected in your account section, clicking on the section "save up the points".

How can I use my collected points?

You can use your collected points just clicking on the box "use my points" that you find on your basket, eactly before your checkout.

Each 100 points you collected, you will receive a discount of 1 euro..