How it Works

Enjoy creating your own Hita Hat, by choosing the colours combination, your personal style, the accessories and the stitches. Follow your fantasy, your taste and finalize your personal Hita Hat! Each Hita Hat is unique but at the same time part of the Hita Hat world! Let's invent your own colours:

The d.i.y. (do it yourself) realization kit contains the Hita Hat yarn balls you need for crocheting your hat, a Hita Hat crochet n. 6, the exclusive Hita Hat label to stitch on the hat already done, the instructions leaflet with all the diagrams you need to crochet your Hita Hat. You can enrich your kit box requesting the additional
Hita Hat label: the fluo version. If you like to receive it, select "fluo label" and it will be included in your kit box.

If you like it, follow the "done and delivered" choice and we will realize your personalized Hita Hat. At our offices in Italy, a team of expert knitters is ready
to crochet your Hita Hat: tell us your style, choose your favourite colours and label. In not more than three weeks you will receive your Hita Hat "done and delivered".

Here's how you can create your own Hita Hat kit: a collection in continuous development…. Ideas for guys, man, woman and junior.

Available 16 different colours, a precious yarn, high quality Merino wool and Baby Alpaca, only italian production.

In the section 'invent your own colour' after choosing your Hita Hat Style, You can personalize it combining the colours.

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