Hita Hat extra-kit options


Hita Hat x 2 option
Hita Hat x 2 was born...it's the kit that lets you double your Hita Hat! Double balls, double label, double instruction, 1 crochet hook... all in one box! Configurate the first kit, select "Hita Hat x 2" and you're done! Same quality...double convenience! If you want to change the second Hita Hat please send us an email specifying the model and the colours you choose: sales@hitahat.com
Convenient, isn't it?!

Refill option
Already created your first Hita Hat? Keep on creating... here's the "Refill kit", ecological and convenient! It includes 3 balls, 3 labels and a new instruction by your own choice! Choose the colours and send us an email specifying the model you desire to make: sales@hitahat.com
Available in a "Refill Kit Fresh version" as well!